Japanese Review #2: Day #2

Jan 12, 2021

Day 11 of 100 Days to Offload

Past days

Yesterday I watched an anime called 無能なナナ. I “mined” a couple of words from the show. I found it incredibly hard to pick out words that weren’t at the beginning or end of the sentence. A couple of the words I picked because I had heard them countless times before and still didn’t know the meaning of it. For example, だから. This means “like I said” or “therefore”. Whenever I think of this word I think of a non-descript anime character slinging their arm around the protagonist and saying it like, “だ〜か〜ら〜”, lengthening each syllable. I have no idea who this character and it bothers me. I can’t even remember their gender… Maybe I’ve just heard characters say this too many times!

After that I tried to watch Death Note, an anime that I’ve watched exactly once, back when I still watched TV. It was one of my first anime I watched beginning to end and it was just so nostalgic watching it. I watched it on animelon and they provide hiragana, kanji, romaji, and English subs. In order to try to get my word recognition I put on hiragana subs only. I found that the characters in Death Note speak extremely fast compared to 無能なナナ. Even on a slower speed it was hard for me to understand. I still can’t quite tell where one word begins and another ends… But I was extremely hyped watching the episode, haha!

Of course, I continued watching おにいさま、え。。。 as well. I put some episodes I already watched in the background to see if I could pick out any words as I was doing my work.

Words Learned


  • 殴りつける: to beat in battle, to strike hard
  • どう言う: why, how so
  • 果たして: as expected, sure enough
  • だから: therefore, like I said, for that reason
  • 勉強: study, diligence
  • けど: but, however
  • 彼奴: that guy, he/she
  • 適任: suitable, qualified
  • 違う: different, vary, not correct
  • 全部: altogether, entire, all
  • 真逆: unexpected, never, certainly not
  • 吃驚: startled, frightened, surprised, amazed
  • 殺す: to kill, murder, slaughter
  • 敵: opponent, rival, danger, threat
  • 事: that thing, matter, circumstance, event


  • 刃: Blade, sword, edge
  • 刀: Sword, saber, knife
  • 有: Possess, exist, occur
  • 右: Right
  • 左: Left
  • 工: Craft, construction
  • 真: True, reality
  • 具: Tool, utensil, suit, furniture
  • 直: Straightforward, frank, fix
  • 乱: Riot, war, disorder
  • 乙: Fish guts, strange
  • 首: Neck
  • 的: Bulls eye
  • 勺: Ladle
  • 句: Phrase, sentence, paragraph
  • 万: Ten thousand
  • 負: Defeat, bear, owe
  • 凡: Mediocre
  • 頑: Stubborn, foolish
  • 頁: Head, leaf, page
  • 朝: Dynasty, epoch, period, North Korea
  • 句: Phrase, clause, paragraph, sentence
  • 勹: Bound up
  • 几: Wind