Knitting Haul #1: LIHAO and Takumi Bamboo Needles

Jul 5, 2017

I am just starting to get into knitting as well and I decided to buy a relatively cheap set of bamboo knitting needles. I found this LIHAO Bamboo set on Amazon for around $16.99 CAD. Included are 18 pairs of needles ranging from 2.0mm to 10.0mm. It also came with a knitting gauge which is super helpful!

From a quick look over, there are no obvious defects. The reviews say that they are perfect for beginners so we’ll see! I’m a bit worried in that most of the patterns I’m seeing that are interesting call for circular needles but maybe I’ll slowly work myself up to that first.

I also bought these Takumi Bamboo Needles. They’re 5.0mm and around 10″ long. They are very light and I did try doing a basic knit and purl stitch with them. Let me tell you, going from 12.0mm to 5.0mm needles is a big difference as a beginner!

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