Learning How to Knit at STASH Needle Art Lounge #1

Jun 14, 2017

Since I recently took up crochet, I have also been itching to start learning how to knit as well. I figure it would be advantageous to take up both of the more well known fiber art hobbies. So I signed up for lessons at one of my local yarn stores.

The store itself is very cozy and quaint. It’s literally a small house filled to the brim with yarn. The people at the front desk are extremely nice and while I was waiting for class to start, they offered me some tea.

The classes take place in the basement which can be hard for people who have trouble going up or down stairs. However, the room is small and cozy (looks like it could fit five or six people at most) and a perfectly intimate setting for holding a class for knitting.

Unfortunately, they are moving locations this summer so who knows (I don’t) what the new store will look like. Hopefully it still retains it’s small store charm.

The instructor Brenda, was incredibly patient and extremely knowledgeable. She goes through teaching us like a breeze. Her instructions were easy to follow however I am a total hands-on learner. I need to do it with someone coaching me and as soon as I see it happen, I can get it!

The style of knitting that Brenda taught us was English style. I had never known there were different styles of knitting. I was a little surprised at how much arms are involved but I have taken a look at some YouTube videos of English style knitters and some have perfected the style to a tee without the large arm movements. I’m still learning!

In the class we are working towards making a ribbed cowl with Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick yarn. I chose the Blossom colour as it was fairly light and according to Brenda, it would look great on me with my skin tone.

So far, the pattern starts with a 16 loop cast on and alternating knit and purl stitches. Here are the first few rows on my first attempt.

Once I got home from the class, I attempted to redo it all and here is my second attempt.

I’ve actually started and restarted several times since because I’m a huge perfectionist. However feel like I’m slowly getting the hang of it now. I can’t wait until I finish up my very first knitted FO!

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