Long Weekend Penguins and Hacks

Feb 25, 2018

Last week was the start of Reading Week. Reading Week is basically my university’s version of “midterm break” where we have a week off. I don’t have classes on Friday so my Reading Week started early.


On Friday, my boyfriend and I went to the zoo. We really wanted to see the penguins and the red pandas. Every day, the penguins take a walk around the zoo. It was adorable. They are seriously bigger than I thought they were, probably up to my waist (I’m also short though at 4’11”). They were so cute waddling up and down the sidewalk!

Penguins walking by

The big fluffy one is a baby!

We also saw a couple of other animals. We really wanted to see the red panda feeding but their keeper was late. The pandas were sleeping and then one of them woke up for a couple of minutes. It scratched its head, walked around in a circle, then promptly went back to sleep. I wish I took a picture!

Look at these huge hippos. They were making sounds and were pretty loud!


An organization I’m a part of at my university held a hackathon called CalgaryHacks. One of my friends is the co-founder and essentially the main person who ran it. This spanned over two days, Saturday and Sunday.

The prompt was “long-range Internet of Things” which involved the use of cellular technology. My team’s idea was to make a bike thief detector. It would send a notification to your cell phone if the device detected the bike moving (by GPS and by accelerometer).

My team hard at work

Unfortunately, we had a lot of hardware troubles and couldn’t finish anything substantial by the time the hackathon was over. We still had a lot of fun!

I think a lot of our time was wasted commuting from the dorms (which one of my teammates suggested as a workspace) to the food areas for meals. It was pretty far away so it took a while. Plus, who likes walking out in the snow? The food was worth it though.

One of the computers even blue screened... Look at all those wires and licorice, haha!

Midnight pizza was my favourite. Since our trek was so long, we missed the pizza. It was only 12:15 am! The volunteers ordered more pizza but it mysteriously didn’t come and they had to investigate. The worst 30 minutes of my life, I was starving. When they finally found it, all 20+ boxes of pizza were empty in literally minutes.

My friend was a volunteer at the event and brought his DESKTOP computer with him for his overnight shift

Although we didn’t win anything or have a finished product, it was still worth it. We even got some cool swag.

Stickers, a free domain, and texting gloves

Hopefully next year I can participate again and hopefully have more to show for it.

Family Day

Monday was Family Day, a holiday here in Canada. My mom and my uncle were in the Philippines (my grandfather passed away and they were there for the funeral) so my brother, dad, my cousin, and I went out for dinner with just the four of us. We went to Blue Fin again. We ordered the deluxe menu this time, which automatically included lobsters. A little pricey at $38CAD per person but very worth it. We ate a little too much.

So much sushi