Me Gusta

Nov 14, 2011

Here’s my weekend in a nutshell: lazy and wonderful. I did almost nothing and I loved it. Too bad this is the last long weekend until Christmas break. Hopefully I’ll hold out until then. So, here’s a slightly more detailed view of my weekend.


Woke up early for my dentist appointment. My mom still makes me go to a pediatric dentist because I’m not yet an adult, haha. I was told that I have nice teeth yet I have cavities and I need my wisdom teeth pulled out. Ouch. Also, the assistant dentist asked if I was in grade eleven and I dumbly said yes, thinking I was still in grade eleven.


Got my friend to change my password for Tumblr so that I don’t procrastinate anymore. I still procrastinate.


Told myself I would finish my homework. I finished my fanlisting collective, a fanlisting, and worked on my book log. Productive procrastination, yay!


Went to church, joined a Tumblr guild on Neopets, talked to the people there for a good two hours, and got someone to sell me a Christmas paint brush for half price. I proceeded to paint Eluxus (my kougra) Christmas. One dreamie pet down, two to go! Also, I favourited a gazillion songs on YouTube. Then I finished my homework. Okay, I didn’t finish it but I have spare first period so I’ll just do it then.

I hope everyone else had a good long weekend as well!

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