My Experience with the Habit Reframe Mindset

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Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post.  These are all my thoughts and my thoughts only. I DO plan on donating to the maintainers of the Habit Reframe Mindset.

What the Habit Reframe Mindset Is

The Habit Reframe Mindset is a methodology that was formulated by Simon D or noshittysubreddits on Reddit. The gist of it is largely about knowing yourself: knowing your triggers, knowing your environment, knowing about your motivation. Some of his content is locked behind an e-mail if you want to read his official document but don't worry, you can always unsubscribe, and e-mails aren't too frequent to become an annoyance.

The Accountability Group

This is a 30 day program where you essentially put $100 USD at stake. If you do not complete the weekly check-ins, your card will be charged $100 USD. It requires a Discord account where you will be put in a group with others to discuss your progress and any discussion topics that are posted.

My Experience


There are no prerequisites, including reading Simon's Habit Reframe Mindset document. However, I found that having read Tiny Habits by B.J. Fogg and Atomic Habits by James Clear helped quite a lot. I wasn't starting from absolute zero and I already had some knowledge of how far I had to go with my habits and had some tools in my toolbox being ready to be used. However, I needed a little bit of push and accountability to get started, which is why I joined this group to start with.

Time Commitment

The little blurb on the group sign up page says it only takes 15 minutes per week. I'd say if you really want to get the most out of this program, it would take 30-60 minutes out of your week. Each week Simon posts an article for you to think about. It takes around 10 minutes to read without note taking, maybe 20 minutes with note taking. Then he posts discussion prompts. If you write a thoughtful answer, that would be 5-10 minutes. Another 5-10 minutes if you want to spend time replying to other people and having an actual discussion. Then the weekly check-in takes around another 10-20 minutes if you, again, write a thoughtful answer. Basically what I'm saying is that you obviously have to do the work in order to get results and that requires time.

Time Commitment TL;DR

  • 10 minutes: Reading the week's material (15-20 minutes if you take notes)
  • 5-10 minutes: Answering the discussion prompt
  • 0-10 minutes: Replying other people who answered the discussion prompt
  • 10-20 minutes: Completing the weekly check-in
  • ??? minutes: Completing the weekly goal you set for yourself

Knowledge Exchange

This methodology that Simon proposes really does require reframing your mindsetTiny Habits addresses this but not so explicitly and not to  the extent that Simon does. He is extremely considerate while writing his weekly pieces and there is something new to be learned each week.

You do have to adjust to his writing style a bit, I can see how it would not be for everyone. I can't really pinpoint it but it feels a bit scattered but in my opinion, it gets the job done.

The Results

I came out of this program feeling remarkably good about myself. Maybe it's just the New Year January fever but I did surprisingly well. My goals were to spend time off of screens (hard to do as someone who loves tech as much as I do) and I almost hit it every day. Outside of my group goals, I also carried over my mindset and new knowledge to other areas in my life and saw improvements there too. Honestly, I am quite pleased and it's all "free!"

Would I Recommend It?

If you are motivated by not losing $100 USD you WILL do the work but you will just do the bare minimum. However, if you are willing to dedicate time to this group and really think about and try to implement some of the things Simon says, you will unarguably come out at least a little bit better from where you started.

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