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Day 21 of #100DaysToOffload

I've been blogging ever since I was twelve. Blogging was one of my many gateway drugs into programming but really, I loved the writing aspect of it the most. I loved to offload (hah, that wasn't on purpose I swear) my thoughts onto the screen, hit publish, and see people respond.

As a kid, I didn't know what having a filter meant so my blog posts were incredibly honest. I kind of cringe thinking back on my old posts (or even while re-reading them as I have a lot, although not all, of them saved).

Honestly though, I kind of miss that. Writing with abandon. Writing mostly for myself and writing for others second. Basically I miss breaking like the number one rule of writing: write for your audience.

Sometimes I flirt with the idea of creating another blog that's completely detached from anything that would link it back to me. It's very tempting, the idea of being able to say what I wanted. Obviously, not to the point of zero filter, but just enough that I feel like I don't have a sanitized, nearly picture perfect version of myself.

This is a reason why I also toy with the idea of creating an anonymous Fediverse account with a username that isn't my super unique and easily traceable real name. Or just the idea of overhauling my entire online presence and becoming as anonymous as I can be.

One of the many problems I have though is that I hate maintaining multiple things (if I decide to try to keep my "IRL" presence online). I know myself, the more things I need to login to, the more things that I will never login to.

For now though, it's still just a thought. Maybe I just need like a locally hosted blog that's for me and me only. I think it still requires some pondering.