Some Thoughts About Fosstodon

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Day 12 of #100DaysToOffload

When I first looked into Mastodon, I took some time figuring out which instance I wanted to join. There were a couple of instances on my mind but I eventually settled on Fosstodon. Admittedly, I did join some other instances but maintaining multiple accounts was too much of a hassle. After all, the reason I was drawn to Mastodon was because it was free, open source, and decentralized, all things that I'm sure most people on Fosstodon values. Also, I liked how being on the Fosstodon server also made it obvious that I value those things. I enjoyed the slower paced timeline and seeing all the cool things that people were up to with technology.

Lately, though, I've been contemplating moving to another instance.

Over time, I think I got a little bit bored of the Fosstodon local timeline. Tech is just one of my many interests. Also, my interests always seem to come in waves and I think tech is in "trough" stage of the wave for me at the moment. Now I almost live exclusively on my home timeline, following people who are mostly doing artsy stuff (writing, painting, drawing, etc.).

As well, most of my toots these days are dedicated to my #100DaysToOffload posts, or replies to people I follow. They do kind of seem out of place on the Fosstodon instance, especially when I do go and check the local timeline. Heck, even the #100DaysToOffload tag seems to be mostly tech related posts.

Ultimately, I am fine staying on Fosstodon because since Mastodon is federated, I can (almost) follow whoever I want regardless of what instance they are on and just live on my home timeline (which I have been doing as of late). My only worry is that maybe I clog up the Fosstodon timeline with non-FOSS things. Well, until someone complains about it, I think I'll be staying here.