Spotify Wrapped 2020

Dec 10, 2020

Day 7 of 100 Days to Offload

I always look forward to the Spotify Wrapped at the end of the year. The statistics Spotify gives aren’t 100% accurate, since there are songs I listen to outside of Spotify (I have to keep track of those) but the little infographics Spotify gives are quite cute.

This year I was admittedly a little bugged at the fact that I had to see the Spotify Wrapped on the app. I had to fiddle with my phone to get it to work. Not the greatest.

Anywho, here are the results that I’ve gotten from the wrapped:

New Artists

  • Listened to 1,162 new artists

Top Genres

  • Top genres:
    • Pop: I am pretty anti-pop (cue The Gazette song, Anti-pop) but I will admit that I did listen to a lot of pop this year
    • Modern rock: What does “modern rock” even mean? I did listen to a lot of general rock this year, though
    • Alternative Metal: Another thing that I’m trying to wrack my brain on. Maybe it’s counting all my Alexisonfire listens
    • Art pop: I guess most of the pop I listened to this year (excluding K-pop) has been in, in my opinion, this category so that’s why I was shocked at pop at being my number one category. Or I would classify them as “Indie Pop”
    • J-rock: Actually, this is another surprise for me. I didn’t think I listened to much J-rock!

All generes

  • Listened to 707 genres
  • Listened to 352 new genres

Top Songs

  • Top songs:
    • Young Buck by Braids: SOTY for sure. I’ve been listening to it non-stop since February and it never ceases to make me bop around. I fell in love with it when I first listened to it live last year. When the chorus came on, I immediately grooved to it
    • Buwan by Juan Karlos: I don’t remember listening to this song that much. Maybe I listened to it a lot in the beginning of the year
    • Speaking Terms by Snail Mail: All the songs off the Lush album are great
    • +PARADOX171115+ by CL: One of my favourite songs CL has come out with recently. Good amount of feels and catchy singable lyrics
    • Pristine by Snail Mail: I love how “Pristine” sounds like “Cristine” it just adds another dimension to the song

Top podcast

  • Top podcast I listened to was PlasticPIlls - Philosophy & Critical Theory Podcast

Listening type

  • I am a “Pioneer” accord to Spotify because I have listened to Protest the Hero’s Mirgant Mother before it hit 50,000 streams

Top Decade

  • Listened to the 2000’s the most with Alexisonfire

Total artists

  • Listened to 2,334 artists

Top artists

  • Top artists
    • Snail Mail: Lush was the best break up album so I kept listening to that on repeat
    • Coheed and Cambria: A given. I love Coheed and Cambria, I listen to them all the time.
    • The Weeknd: I was supposed to go to The Weeknd’s concert in Toronto this year. It sadly did not happen.
    • Alexisonfire: I went to Alexisonfire’s concert in January, it was great. Not as great as seeing them during the stampede but still.
    • Negative Gemini: After seeing her in concert October 2019, I couldn’t stop listening to her songs.

Top artist

  • I was in Snail Mail’s top 0.005% of their listeners in 2020
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