Spring Cleaning Priorities

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Day 26 of #100DaysToOffload

Someone once introduced the concept of themes to me once (referencing CGP Grey's video, Your Theme). The idea is to not tackle specific goals but a broad, overarching theme. In the video, the example Grey gives is "novelty", so doing new things throughout the entire year. James Clear kinda touches on this in Atomic Habits where instead of thinking of specific habits you want to do, think about an identity you are trying to strive for and then generate habits off of that. B.J. Fogg also tackles this in his book Tiny Habits. Instead of identities, he asks to get clear on what you really want. "Going to the gym more" will become "lose enough weight so I can fit on my pants." Hell, even David Allen of Getting Things Done fame has the "Horizons of Focus  Model" that focuses on the big picture of how you want your life to be.

Anyway, the idea is that throughout your life, you make decisions that align with your "theme"/"focus"/"goal". These decisions can be tiny or they can be habits, whatever. Really, just avoid the decisions that goes against your mission.

So I'm going to take these principles seriously and do an inventory of my life.

My theme (at least for this year) is "make art."

At the beginning of the year my theme was "make more than I consume" but I don't want to just make anything. I want to make art. I want to write. I want to draw. I want to (learn how to) paint.

There are a lot of things that grab my attention that don't quite bring me further to my theme.

Obviously, I'm not cutting out everything. A girl's gotta sleep, eat, socialize, play with the kitty cat, make money, etc.

What I am trying to cut out or reduce are: Reddit, YouTube, social media, food comas that suck the life out of my day, and... blogging.


Blogging regularly on this current site.

I really, really, really wanted to conquer the 100 Days to Offload challenge. Partly to just say, "I did it!" but also to breathe life back into my blog. However, my feelings about my online persona made posting on this blog feel sterile. I'm not saying the things I want to say and instead I'm saying things I think other people want to hear which is probably the fastest way to burn out on something.

This does not serve my theme. Instead of putting time into things I want to do, I am pouring time (it takes me around one to two hours to write a blog post no matter how short it is) into something that I feel lukewarm about.

Will I stop posting forever? Nah. I will at most do my monthly review (it's probably the only post that I really want to write and some people would probably say it's oversharing but that's the blogging style I wish I could do on this blog oh man I'd overshare so many things) and probably one other post per month (don't hold your breath though).

As a result, I will also be spending less time on Fosstodon, probably. Against my better judgement I installed a Mastodon app on my phone so you never know but I'm putting heavy time limits on it (shout out to Open Time LImit, an open source app on F-droid that blocks apps). I've also been thinking about joining another instance so I can freely post about my endeavours but if you see it, you probably won't know it's me.

Anyway, catch y'all until the next time.