WIP: Starting Over

Apr 16, 2018

WIP stands for a “work in progress.” As an avid crafter and generally creative person, I always have at least one WIP!

I can’t wait for Wednesday to come around so I’m doing my WIP Wednesday now.

Right now I’m working on a shawl for one of my best friends. Just last week, my friend told me that she had cancer. She has had problems with her thyroid for a very long time and her family doctor never did anything about it despite her concerns. It wasn’t until just the past couple of months that she got a second opinion. She got it checked out and they decided that they’ll have to take out her thyroid. The surgery is this Thursday. I’m confident everything will go well but I wanted to make a small something for her.

She is always self-conscious about her swollen thyroid and always wears a scarf. After her surgery, I can imagine she will feel the same still and therefore I decided to make her a shawl.

My friend can be a little picky about fashion so it was a bit hard to find a pattern I thought she would like. She mentioned she didn’t like triangle scarves. She’s also appreciates simple clothes so I tried to look for something not too flashy. I eventually settled on the V Scarf.

The V Scarf

I met her four years ago while I was taking summer classes. We had two classes together and it was in the first week that I noticed this. She seemed like such a cute and shy girl that I really wanted to be friends with her (I’m a huge proponent of the underdog) I one day I sat next to her in our Political Science class and talked to her before class started. I don’t remember what I said to her but when we were looking back on it, she told me that I was speaking so loud that everyone was looking at us and that she thought I was really weird.

We bonded very quickly since we had a lot of common experiences. Both of us had crushes on TAs we once had, we both had immigrant parents, and we both (at the time) had similar values. We also had a lot not in common. I’m a huge nerd while she was very not. She’s Sikh, I’m mostly Catholic.

However, I am really grateful that she’s one of my best friends because we are so different. Being around people just like you doesn’t really allow you to grow. Having different perspectives is valuable to me. She was also the very first friend I made out of my own inhibition at university. Most of my friends at that time were met through mutual friends or a result of group projects where I just had no choice to get along with some people.

It’s really hard trying to make something for people you care about because you just want it to be perfect. I’m also on a time crunch which added a little bit more pressure.

Below is the shawl I originally wanted to make her. I didn’t make a lot of progress on it so not that much time was invested into it.

Frogged shawl

The yarn got tangled midway through. I know it will take me a couple of hours to untangle it and I couldn’t dedicate all that time to do so. Where I went wrong was definitely having a very tight tension when I was winding the yarn into a cake. I am not sure about this colour scheme for my friend anyway.

Hopefully, my friend will like the shawl I’m making her. I know that she will appreciate it nonetheless but I’d love to see her wear it at least once in a while. Fingers crossed that I can finish it!

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