WIP Wednesday: Faerie Infinity Scarf

Jun 6, 2018

WIP stands for a “work in progress.” As an avid crafter and generally creative person, I always have at least one WIP!

Faerie Infinity Scarf

Even though winter is a long ways away, I got asked to make a scarf for my cousin. She coming to Canada for the first time and my mom thought it would be great for her to get a scarf! Coming from the Philippines, the climate is pretty different compared to Canada. Although she will have a couple of months to adjust to the somewhat cooler weather, it’s always good to be prepared.

There are a lot of scarf patterns out there but not a lot of them for crochet. I tend to find more shawls than scarves and I prefer making scarves. I just don’t know many people who use shawls. This pattern in particular is denser than what I’m used to so it might not be as long as I’d like for a scarf. I plan to only use one Caron Cake which is a disadvantage but I think it will turn out to be a decent enough length.

Hopefully I can finish this scarf by my cousin’s birthday which is sometime during this month. Since I’m currently looking for a job, I have more than enough free time to finish this and possibly a matching hat. That is, if I can find a colour in my stash that would match this!

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