WIP Wednesday: Outline Ribbed Scarf

Sep 27, 2017

In my last post I talked about making my boyfriend a scarf. I started it yesterday after showing him a couple of sample swatches. Out of all the scarves I showed him, he liked this one of a crochet Outline Ribbed Scarf. It’s a rather simple scarf which is nice because it’ll work up quickly. Hopefully I’ll finish the scarf by his birthday.

Here are some pictures of the test swatches I made. I wasn’t sure if he wanted the simple one stripe line like in the pattern so I did a couple of each.




When I sent the pictures to my boyfriend, he said he liked all of them. Which wasn’t too helpful for me but at least he is not opposed it so far. Thankfully that section of the scarf doesn’t come up for a while since it is worked horizontally.

Yesterday I just chained around 300 chains to start off the scarf and finished around two rows. I think I made it a little too long. My boyfriend is like 6’ and I made the scarf to be a couple more inches longer than that. Fingers crossed.

The colours were chosen by my boyfriend himself. There’s a game that we’ve been playing together called Warframe and the colours he chose were the colours of one of his characters that we play. If you don’t know, Warframe is a free-to-play online third person shooter. It’s a good grind for those who like that kind of games. It reminds me a lot of Destiny!

Unfortunately, I made the scarf too long and I had to frog all of my work. I managed to get back to where I was then the yarn tangled on me. Now I have untangle it… Such is life.

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