WIP Wednesday: Temperature Blanket #1

Feb 28, 2018

WIP stands for a “work in progress.” As an avid crafter and generally creative person, I always have at least one WIP!

This year I’m doing a temperature blanket for real. My inspiration comes from Sakaane who is also doing a temperature blanket. I deliberated over how I wanted to make the blanket. I already had a ton of squares but I know myself too well. I would never get around to joining all those squares and weaving in all those ends.

After browsing multiple projects and patterns, I decided on doing a linen/moss/granite stitch (how could one stitch have so many names?). I chained 160 + 1 in order to make a twin-ish sized blanket and went at it. So far, I’ve only done January and I still have all of February to catch up on.

Blanket up to January 20, 2018

The lighting is kinda bad so the picture makes the blanket look a lot brighter than it really is. The spring green doesn’t look nearly as gross as that. And it might be hard to tell, but the first row is actually in teal.

Colours I’m Using

Each row represents the average temperature of that day. The yarn I decided on was Bernat Premium because it’s cheap (whoops) and plentiful. The colour scheme I’m using is below:

  • 30C+: Red
  • 20C to 30C: Orange
  • 10C to 20C: Gold
  • 0C to 10C: Spring Green
  • -10C to 0C: Green
  • -20C to -10C: Teal
  • -20C to -30C: Royal Blue
  • -30C+: Navy Blue

Picture version of my colour scheme

As you can see from the colour scheme, this has been a mild winter so far. Not -30C+ averages thankfully. It’s even been breaking into the positives! I’m really hoping I can use my navy blue at least once this winter. If not, there’s always December to look forward to!

How I Keep Track

My handy dandy spreadsheet

I have a recurring task in Todoist that simply says “Input into stats spreadsheet” which I do every morning once I wake up. This spreadsheet keeps track of not only the temperature of the day, but how many hours I slept that night, how many hours I spent on my phone, and how many tasks I managed to finish.

Anyway, once I finish crocheting a row, I simply strike out the appropriate cell. I use conditional formatting to change the background colour of the cell to the colour that I should use for that day. Unfortunately, it’s kind of hard to differentiate the colours but I just need to double check myself sometimes.


I think the blanket is going pretty well. By the time this is posted, I’m hoping to have caught up to the end of February. I’m honestly so jazzed at how nice it’s looking so far. I really like how the stitch looks. My only concern is how long it will end up being. It’s already 5 inches for 20 rows. So for ~360 rows… That’s 90 inches long! That’s okay, I plan to wrap myself up in it for those cold Calgary winter nights.

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