Yarn Winding

Jan 8, 2018

My brother got me a yarn winder for my birthday last week and yesterday I spent the afternoon winding some yarn while watching Medici: Masters of Florence on Netflix.

Yarn that has been winded

I just finished a block week course (a week long course ) on history of early modern Europe and I was bit by the Rrenaissance bug. Historial fiction is one of my favourite genres across multiple media. Over the winter break, I even watched The Crown and Downton Abbey on Netflix.

Thank goodness for Netflix. I find Netflix a great way to multitask on crochet projects. I started on this Lost in Time shawl. The crochet Discord server I’m a part of has this for our January crochet along. It’s a lot of fun so far! I’m not sure how closely I’m following it though. I had to redo the popcorn bits a couple of times.

Beginnings of my lost in time shawl

On Saturday, I went to a nice Korean BBQ place with my SO. It was my first time trying bi-bim-bap and it was sooo delicious.

Overall my week was pretty low key. Spent most of it on school related matters and yarn matters.

This week my goals are:

  1. Continue not buying food on campus. Last week I was successful so hopefully I can replicate my results.

  2. Draft up two blog posts. This is one of them so I’m already halfway through!

  3. Finish my first draft of my “essay” that I have to do for my history course. It’s such a slow grind.

Until next time!

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