Nov 24, 2020

My black cat, Zuko

I forgot to mention that I have a cat. I adopted him back in May. I was browsing The Meow Foundation and I came across Zuko. His cute little expression was too much to resist. When I went to go see him I saw several other cats.

The only one other cat at the shelter that caught my eye. He was a very handsome cat named Edwards but while I was petting him he turned around and refused to interact with me. The feeling was not mutual, I’m afraid.

Then I walked down the basement to see Zuko. He’s an FIV positive cat and thus needs to be separated from the other cats. It’s similar to herpes in humans. It takes longer for him to get over infections.

When I walked down the basement, he immediately meowed at the woman who was showing me around. I sat on the floor and watched him. He liked to walk around and then randomly sit at a spot. He also responded very well to treats. One of the employees went into their office and Zuko was on his feet, trailing after. She said she kept treats in her drawer. She also said Zuko liked McDonald’s fries.

Surprise, surprise, Zuko is very food motivated and likes to try to eat human food.

I was smitten and brought him home. He hid under the bed for two days before venturing out to explore the world. And ever since he was been my little pandemic buddy.